About Us

Crestwood is a clean and welcoming facility does not get overcrowded. The main pool is large (220,000 gallons in 5,100 sq ft) with two diving boards, including a 1 meter board. The deep end reaches down to a depth of 12 feet. Also there is a kiddie pool that is 1 foot deep at the shallowest part and reaches 2 feet deep.

Other items of interest include

  • Lifeguards

  • Concessions

  • Two pavilions small 600 sq ft and large 1250 sq ft ready for your parties and social events.

  • Basketball court, tennis courts, ping pong tables, volleyball net and more.

  • A large swim team and seasoned coaches that can teach ages 5-18 years of age, from beginners to advanced swimmers.

  • Friday Float nights

Crestwood Hills Pool and Recreation Center was established in 1972 as a 501C7 non-profit neighborhood pool. Funding is primarily from a membership fee that is used to pay all pool expenses. The Pool Board is a group of volunteers, elected annually, usually for a two year period.

All work is performed by volunteers.  While the pool cannot sustain itself without the membership fee revenue, we work to accept members with financial and other special needs in conjunction with our neighborhood churches.

Click below to read our by-laws.

crestwood pool bylaws